About the Author

Radomir BastaRadomir Basta is a digital marketing and SEO expert. He is currently the CEO at Four Dots and Executive Chairman at Elevate Digital, two inbound marketing companies he established with his colleagues from Serbia and Hong Kong, as well as a co-founder of advanced digital marketing tools, Dibz, Reportz, and Base.me. Radomir is also an author of The Good Book of SEO, a book that serves as a guide through the basics of digital marketing for businessmen.

His career in Digital Marketing started in Dejan SEO digital marketing company where he worked on advanced SEO marketing campaigns for both corporate and private clients. In the following years, Radomir conducted SEO and SMO consulting for several notable digital marketing companies. He also had the opportunity to work as a user acquisition manager and growth hacker, with the focus on inbound marketing channels. 

In November 2013, he co-founded Four Dots inbound marketing agency with his 3 colleagues who also had enviable knowledge and experience in the digital marketing industry. Over the years, Four Dots helped numerous startups and enterprises build and grow their reputation in the online world by designing custom SEO and digital marketing campaigns. Today, Four Dots with 65+ employees, represents one of the bigger inbound marketing agencies in the Balkans, servicing more than 500 clients globally, including big brands like Coca Cola, Philip Morris International, Orange, Miss Amara, and many more. 

Radomir is also the co-founder, CEO, and leading strategist behind the digital marketing tools he developed with his Four Dots team. In 2015, he officially announced the launch of Dibz, an advanced link prospecting tool for SEO experts. One year later, Reportz was released, an automated reporting tool that enables users to keep all reporting and analytics information in one place. 

In October 2017, he became the Executive Chairman and co-founder of Elevate Digital, a Hong Kong based digital marketing agency that offers complete strategies for large online businesses from around the globe.  

Radomir is also a prominent lecturer for the SEO module at the Digital Marketing Institute in Belgrade. He also continues to share his knowledge as a keynote speaker at local and regional marketing conferences. In 2019, he collected all the knowledge he acquired over the years and published a book, The Good Book of SEO. It is intended as a guide for businessmen who wish to understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and learn what this particular segment of marketing entails.