The Good
Book of SEO

The mission of The Good Book of SEO is to teach you the basics of Search Engine Optimization, so that you, as a business owner or a marketing manager, can leverage SEO for the good of your own business vision.

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About the book

The Good Book of SEO is dedicated to everyone who works or closely collaborates with SEO professionals and service providers.

The book will introduce the reader to what search engine optimization is, and how each of its individual components work alone and together to drive successful ranking of your content in search engine results. 

The book is also a treasure cove of experience and practical knowledge laid out to you in easily comprehensible language that will help you avoid being scammed by unethical, overpromising SEO companies and individuals.

About the author

Radomir Basta is co-founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency Four Dots, executive chairman of digital marketing agency Elevate Digital, member of Forbes Agency Council, and SEO Module lecturer at the Digital Marketing Institute.

Radomir has over 10 years of experience in the field of Search Engine Optimization, working with or managing some of the most successful SEO companies in the global market. 

He is also the lead product architect of three advanced SEO-focused SaaS tools –, and

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Janja Jovanovic

As someone who has been in the SEO industry for 4 years now, I can tell you that this book summarizes all the important things you need to know if you are an SEO beginner or you plan to hire an SEO expert. You will better understand what it is all about.

The book explains easily what SEO is, what techniques are used, and how it fits into the overall marketing strategy. I like examples and Basta’s humor, too. 🙂

Janja Jovanovic

Marketing Specialist