The Good
Book of SEO

Business Owner’s Guide to Working with SEO Agencies

The mission of the book is to explain the basics of Search Engine Optimization so that you, as a business owner or a marketing manager, can leverage available SEO resources for the good of your business goals and KPIs.

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About the book

The Good Book of SEO is a blueprint for business owners and managers who work or closely collaborate with SEO agencies, consultants or service providers.

The book serves as a beginner’s guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), offering a clear understanding of its various elements and how they function both independently and collectively.
This knowledge equips readers to comprehend SEO terminology, set realistic expectations, and establish specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and objectives for an SEO strategy, guiding the SEO provider’s efforts.

The book is also a compiled data trove of experience and practical knowledge laid out to you in easily comprehensible language that will help you avoid being scammed by unethical, overpromising SEO companies and individuals.

About the author

With 13 years of experience, Radomir Basta is a well-known figure in the regional digital marketing and SEO industry, regularly seen as a lecturer at regional digital marketing conferences.

He holds multiple roles, including the CEO of Four Dots and Four Dots Australia digital agencies and serves as executive chairman at Elevate Digital Hong Kong.

Besides digital marketing agencies, he created and now serves as CEO and product architect of several advanced digital marketing SaaS platforms, including,, and

The year 2013 marked the beginning of his tenure as a resident lecturer for the SEO module at the Digital Marketing Institute in Belgrade, where he continues to share his extensive knowledge.


How to Set Your Own Goals and KPIs


Formulate Your New SEO Strategy


Learn how to Benchmark And Leverage Provided SEO Assets


Use the Knowledge to Win the Google SERP and Stay There


Understand the Goal and KPIs needed to Measure and Report SEO Results


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An awesome read with an easily readable understandable approach to any business owner / manager without any pre-existing SEO experience. I’ve found the book to be very useful and helped me better understand on what things to focus for my company website, how to read and understand what’s happening and what to focus on to improve our positions and more importantly conversions.



Nowadays SEO is an essential part of your marketing strategy, it’s equally important for you no matter if you are a small business owner, or working in a Fortune 500 company. Part of the problem why SEO is so misunderstood is that “everybody knows it”, but not many people really know how to do it.

In my experience, there are two main things that are make it or break it in the SEO game, and this book is giving you a good starting point for both of these things. It will give you a good understanding of the whole SEO ecosystem, how do things really work and what makes a difference. The second thing is how to stay ahead of the curve and how to upgrade your game.

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Janja Jovanovic

As someone who has been in the SEO industry for 4 years now, I can tell you that this book summarizes all the important things you need to know if you are an SEO beginner or you plan to hire an SEO expert. You will better understand what it is all about.

The book explains easily what SEO is, what techniques are used, and how it fits into the overall marketing strategy. I like examples and Basta’s humor, too. ­čÖé

Janja Jovanovic

Marketing Specialist

All-In-One SEO Guide

This book helped me understand how SEO can help my business and gave me some insights into how spammer SEO agencies can try to fool me.
All in all, an excellent SEO book for everybody who doesn’t want to be an SEO expert but wants to know what SEO is and how to make use of it for your business.


Reviewed in the United States on January 28, 2020
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